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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Rick Marin writes pages about his single life after the end of his youthful marriage to a girl who married him so he could stay in the country and get his green card. This consisted of dating many women in succession - I certainly don't blame him for that - but where he does become a cad is where he lies to a girl who is happy to have an "arrangement" with him as long as neither are seieng other people. Hey, I don't totally blame him for that, either; he was pretty honest in saying that he wasn't looking for a "future" with her, and she stayed in the game, but it's just an example of his "caddiness".

I guess this is a typical memoir of dating life in NYC - so many beautiful single people squashed on a little island makes for a toxic dating scene, I think, but hey, I live in the anti-ny, so I'm biased. It didn't really stick out at me as anything of superior quality - it read like chick-lit, but from a male perspective.

So instead of a local coffeehouse, he hangs out at a topless bar. Different gender, same problems Coming out of an early marriage to a somewhat lost young woman, Rick Marin decides to embrace a "love 'em and leave 'em" single life. Readers who enjoy "Bridget Jones" type books or Cosmopolitan magazine will enjoy this male perspective on the NYC dating scene.

For much of the book, the writer works freelance, including writing articles for fashion and beauty magazines such as Allure and Mademoiselle.

Dating cad : Mature dating advice

Although his work may address things naive women can do when 'he' doesn't call, the writer is more cavalier in his own life--he doesn't call because he never had any intention of calling you and doesn't care. Many of the female characters in the book are self involved, insecure, or just flighty, offering some amusement in the cavalier treatment they receive from the cad.

The vulnerability of some of these women sheds some unflattering light on the writer at times. Consistent with other stories of this genre, the writer grows into an adult during the course of the book. Treatment of a family tragedy is conveyed well and with empathy, without being overly sentimental. However, the final pieces where the writer finds true love aren't consistent with the rest of the novel and feel like they don't quite fit.

Overall, a novel with some literary pretensions that manages to entertain most of the time. I devoured this book like a bag of Viagra-laced gummi bears. Yes Rick is pompous, insensitive, surrounded by lame "friends", and ridiculously unappealing in his back flap photo - but hooray for the smirking, macho honesty!

Chicks need to know what most guys are like - they're like Rick! One person found this helpful. I really despise books which bear little relation to their title, and this is a pretty prime example.

The cover wording was evidently made up by someone who'd fondled one too many copies of Cosmo. It's entirely misleading regarding what's inside. First, the author is no cad. I know because I am one and he's never at the meetings Not typical cad territory, I'm betting. What seems to qualify him as a cad is that he occasionally dates women, maybe sleeps with them, and then doesn't marry them. Also, that he keeps some sort of diary i.

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Whoo-wee, call out the Terminator! Second, Marin is no bachelor -- if you take a bachelor to be a never-married male above a certain age. And the whole first part of the book has insufferable and totally uninteresting details about his wife, how they met and fell in love, their typical break-up, ladeedadeeda And even if you give him some leeway because they didn't have any kids in their approx.

Quick, someone contact ABC! I think the cover writer just thought "toxic bachelor" sounded hip and disparaging of males in the way now deemed to be socially acceptable in some unenlightened circles populated by bigots -- much like "testosterone poisoning" was a few years ago.

Mind the gap:'The man is a cad. Get rid of him quick'

Ok, so she probably took one too many Feminist Studies classes in college learned to hate men. Insightful the term is not. Marin actually comes across as a pretty nice and decent guy with more or less typical dating woes. Which makes for really boring reading. But it's not like these pages were beaten out of him under a bare bulb after hours of duress and torture. At times he almost sounds like he's boasting a little.

Cads always do that. I guess the idea is to make women think they're being given the inside scoop on the psyche of the elusive single male, which they're not -- at least not to any great degree IMO. The term "confessions" suggests the material should at least be unusual and maybe even interesting, but this is not. The plethora of virtually meaningless detail one of the common hazards of keeping a diary , the lack of much if anything new in the way of perspective, and the author's tendency to try too hard at sounding pithy and clever -- all this made it difficult to get more than about pages into this thing before seeing the writing on the wall and giving up.

And I really don't care how it turned out or even why he was writing it all down a decade later.

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I hope this author is married by now because no one who has read this book would ever date him, not because he's a cad, but because he's clearly dishonest. Please update your billing details here. Please update your billing information. The subscription details associated with this account need to be updated.

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