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How to Setup and Connect to a Linksys Wifi Extender

After the app is installed, open it, tap the Launch setup button Figure A , and the app will search for its first node. Once the node light is purple, the app should immediate locate the device. Tap Next and you will be prompted to create an account to associate with your mesh network Figure B. In the next screen Figure C , you get to name your wireless network and create a password. At this point, I highly recommend opening up your password manager app and have it generate a strong password for your network.

Now you need to give the node a name Figure D.


Base this name on the location of the node. If none of the default options fit, tap Name it something else and give it a unique name. That's it. Your first node is set up. When prompted, tap the Next button and, in the next screen Figure E , you can either add another node or be done.

If you opt to add another node, you simply have to place it, plug it into power not network , tap Add Another Node, and walk through the wizard. This time around, Velop does all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is let it know when the node light is purple and then when prompted give the node a name.

Basic Setup

The primary Velop node will transfer the configuration to the second and third nodes. Within about 15 minutes, you'll have a three-node mesh network up and running. The performance of the Linksys Velop was pretty impressive. As for speed?

How To Connect A Wireless Router To A Hotspot? | OnRampWireless

But given the added coverage of the mesh, that was a trade-off I was fine with. Connected to the Velop mesh, I was getting If you're looking to cast a large net of coverage, and losing a bit of speed isn't a deal breaker, the Linksys Velop mesh is big win. Requires a tri-band parent node with the Linksys Aware update and at least one tri-band child node connected wirelessly, to the parent node or a tri-band node with the Linksys Aware update. We fixed some bugs, too. Keep sending us input to make us better.

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Wi-Fi Monitor. Andrey Efremov. Information about Wi-Fi. The downside to this setup, however, is the limited bandwidth that it can give, as well as the controlled number of connected gadgets. Thankfully, syncing the hotspot to a router can easily solve this conundrum. A wireless Ethernet bridge is a tool that links two network devices via radio frequency.

How to Set Up a Linksys Network

It is most commonly used to share Internet access from a primary source towards an external outlet. This comes with two or more cables — each with its own LAN jack. The first step to effectively connecting your wireless router to a hotspot will be to buy an Ethernet bridge. Go down to your local computer store and you should have no problem finding one.

You should also plug it in to make sure that its working fine. After confirming that it is running smoothly, you can proceed to the next step. The second step on how to connect a wireless router to a hotspot requires you to focus on the Ethernet bridge. Again, insert its power adaptor into a socket and turn the apparatus on. Wait for a few minutes and the wireless connection should be available. Afterwards, turn on the Wi-Fi ability of your phone or tablet and link it to the bridge. Configure the settings using either a web page or a software installer. Enter all the data and you should be good to go.

The third step is very simple. As a result, it will help widen the network range by extending the signal.

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  • How to Configure Any Linksys Router!
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