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But Raven didn't want to give up, and it seemed that this year things were finally going to turn around. I miss him sometimes…' she looked Clarke in the eye and shrugged. Clarke would be lying if she said she wasn't a little jealous. She'd been crazy about Finn, and he about her, but when it came out that he already had a girlfriend and she and Raven came face to face, it was all too much. Finn had vowed to do better, to be better, but Clarke couldn't bring herself to believe him.

Raven had been devastated, but she asked Clarke to meet her and lo and behold, they put everything behind them and moved forward together. But Finn would always be there, in the back of their minds, as the one thing they had shared and never would again. Octavia re-emerged then, carrying a bottle of red and switching off her phone. Clarke pulled three from the cupboard and they settled into the living area, flicking through channels on the television.

Reruns of Friends and a few other hit and miss comedies were about the only thing on TV, other than Christmas movies.

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They settled on one and, a couple of hours later, were safely merry. Except you're Richard Gere and, hopefully, you don't have any prostitutes on call,' said Raven helpfully. Laughing, Octavia gestured at a picture of her and her brother on the coffee table. God knows he won't be coming with me, and I don't want him to be alone. Clarke slapped her on the arm.

He happened to be standing right next to where it hit the wall. She stood up and offered her hands to the other two, and together the three of them wobbled over to their separate rooms. Raven said goodnight with a promise to check Clarke's car out in the morning, and Octavia said she'd be sure to say goodbye before she left. Clarke closed the door on them with a wave goodnight and collapsed onto her bed.

Staring at the ceiling, she contemplated how little she was probably going to enjoy the following week. It was December 19th, and she was supposed to stay with her parents through until the 27th, at least. She threw her head back on her pillow and groaned. She liked that she was independent, and she didn't particularly want a boyfriend after the last guy she let into her life turned out so terribly.

But she knew it'd be much easier if she did have someone to take home; at the very least her parents would leave her alone about Wells, and more than that, she'd have someone to share a bed with. It had been… a while, she thought, and at least if she did hire a prostitute she'd have a good time…. She set about getting ready for bed, being sure to set her alarm so she wouldn't miss Octavia leaving. By the time she was wrapped up under her sheets, her mind had wandered once again to the fake boyfriend idea, and she found herself rationally trying to figure out where she could get one at such short notice.

Jasper and Monty were a no go — they were already home for the holidays. Miller too, for that matter.

Damn , she thought. He would have been a good one. They had the flirty banter down, and she'd heard about his… talents from Monroe. Lincoln's home phone in case you need to reach me. I might forget tomorrow. Clarke grinned at the nickname, years old now from the first Halloween they spent together, and suddenly a thought struck her. Perhaps she would be able to find a boyfriend at short notice after all. She didn't like the guy, but like she'd told Raven and Octavia earlier, he owed her. The number came through a moment later, and after giving it another — heavily influenced by wine — thought, Clarke settled that, by the end of tomorrow, she would have a fake boyfriend to take home for Christmas.

On the way he was over speeding and his friends were yelling how I have spoilt their fun evening. He dropped me off only for him to call me an hour later from the police station with charges of speeding, driving drunk and harassing an officer with his friends. I never checked on him to know if he got out and I don't really care.

I went on a date arranged by my best friend cause I just HAD to meet this guy from work and we were both a bit nervous, laughed about it, had some wine and the evening went GREAT. He was handsome, funny, painted himself as a bit of a daredevil, liked extreme sports etc. He kissed me on the cheek as I hopped on the bus and asked me for a 2nd date. I agreed, and said that this time, I would organise it Second time around I decided that rather than restaurant, we'd do something a bit more fun, a bit of an adventure so he could show off some of his skills.

I didn't tell him where we were going, I decided to make it a surprise for him. So we rocked up to GoApe and he went quite quiet. I asked if he was ok, and he said 'Yeah, yeah, course- just getting in the 'zone''. I thought this was a tad weird but hey ho, he did this kinda thing a lot and this must be how he got in the groove. We did the tree top adventure and I could see before we got on the ropes that something was wrong. He was getting strapped up by the lovely man called Seb that worked there and he was visibly pale. I thought he might be ill or something. Again I asked if he was ok, again he said yes.

So we started the tree top climb. We got half way through the course VERY slowly I might add as he was in front and he started yelling for help!! It turns out that he had never done an extreme anything in his whole life, had severe vertigo and had just been trying to impress me by saying he liked extreme sports! We were up there for about 15 minutes by which point my date was crying before Seb the lovely helper made it to us and helped talk him down.

By this I mean he pushed him to get him off of the ropes as soon as possible! My date let's call him Clive was swinging and crying, got to the ground and curled up in a ball. Seb and I were dying laughing by this point and I completed the climb with his help I wasn't that great with heights myself.

By the end of the adventure, Seb had asked me out, I had said yes, my date had run away literally, never to be seen again and now I've been dating Seb for about 6 months. It was the worst 2nd date of my life, but also the best first date at the same time! Also makes for a great 'how did you guys meet?

Morgan wrote us about Bachelor 45, who is a fascinating case study in self-sabotage. Meanwhile, we're pretty sure Morgan has a spreadsheet somewhere that would be of great interest to romance scientists. After a mediocre-but-pleasant-enough first date with Bachelor 45 yes I numbers them I agreed to go on a second date.

I met Bachelor 45 at a local dive bar and he asked "hey is it cool if my friend joins us, he's at the bar next door. His friend came and he was hot AF and had a great personality.

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Funny, interesting, witty- did I mention hot AF? My date proceeded to get wasted so I decided to go home. I hadn't even buckled my seat-belt in my car and I was already getting phone calls and texts from my date asking if I liked him. I immediately thought "Wtf is wrong with this guy? Why is he asking me if I 'like him' like he's a middle school girl. I told him I was driving home and I couldn't talk so I hung up. The entire drive home he was blowing up my phone with calls and texts.

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Finally when I got home I text him "It's not my problem that you're so insecure and it isn't my problem you invited your hot friend on our date. A friend had introduced me to a guy at a party and we ended up hanging out. A week later I drove 1. I drop him off at his place and he invites me in to say hi to his roommates, who conveniently aren't there. He says he needs to feed his dog, but that he and his roommates have rearranged the upstairs and I should take a look. Next thing I know, he's hugging me from behind.

As I feel his bony forearm, I realize that although he had just been wearing two shirts, they are now gone.

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As I tell him I'm going to leave, I realize he'a taken off the doorknob to the room. There's no way to open the door. I told him to open the door or I was going to scream until the police showed up.

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