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Nothing happened probably and they are all interacting as usual all these years behind our backs It's just ironic how this JunAh moment appears after the hopes of Troublemaker is dying coz of Hyunseung stuffs going on Spoiler Yep, within time you start making new friends and stuff.

Interests and paths change all the time. How disgusting can one "man" be?! Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

So the JunAh feels is back It's been a loooooooong while ever since dem rumours Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. This topic has been archived.

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This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Like, "it's their life you stay out of it". They unfollowed him, he unfollowed them.

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Doojoon and Dongwoon stayed neutral. The whole mess between 4Minute vs. They stopped talking to each other. The week after, Hyuna was preparing for her comeback, she was really depressed as Lee Joon said, he was comforting her when people thought they were dating. I don't know what was happening between Beast and 4minute , but apparently Yoseob got involved as well. Hyunseung and Yoseob deactivated twitter.

Who has a girlfriend in Highlight (Beast)? | MIJ Miner8

Hyunseung was the most neutral out of them, Doojoon , Dongwoon and Sohyun were trying to make things better all the time. On september, it was revealed that Hyuna and Hyunseung were having a sub unit and that's when everything got worse. They weren't present on the MV set, doojoon , dongwoon and yoseob were. So their relationship kinda faded away, wrong timing, everything.

[Junhyung/Hyuna Moment #22] Open Date

They wouldn't have interractions on the joint concerts, they wouldn't talk to each other at all. Hyunseung and Hyuna got close, Hyunseung started liking hyuna you can tell. His relationship with Junhyung got worse, he became such a loner. The furore was such that some petitioned the removal of E'Dawn from Pentagon, at the same time several of his fansites were taken down.

So the JunAh feels is back... It's been a loooooooong while ever since dem rumours...

Other fans, mostly non-Koreans, celebrated the announcement and wished the couple further success. While the Korean government has taken steps to address issues on slave contracts, this issue revived discussions on talent contracts and the extent of control that agencies can have over their artists. It was reported that the pop stars learned of their removal from the agency through the media.

Social media erupted with passionate reactions, and the debates continued. Cube's stocks fluctuated within the day.

Who has a girlfriend in Highlight (Beast)?

Hours after their initial statement and maybe due to the fluctuating stocks , Cube took back their decision and said that the matter is still being discussed further. Their last statement prior to this writing is that the agency will release another statement within the week.

For now, E'Dawn has yet to release a statement of his own regarding the matter. Pentagon is currently promoting their latest single "Naughty Boy" without E'Dawn, who co-wrote the song. HyunA is one of Cube's biggest stars since joining the agency in after leaving the girl group Wonder Girls.

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Promotions for the coed band's "Retro Futurism" EP have been cancelled. What can be observed from this scandal is that Korean fans and international fans have different takes on the matter.

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