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This woman saved my life. I was crossing the street. I was almost hit by a car No, no this woman is different , she's incredible. She talks like me, she acts like me. She even ordered cereal at a restaurant. We even have the same initials.

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Wait a minute, I just realised. Now I know what I've been looking for all these years Kramer; The add said that the bank's gonna pay a hundred dollars if you are not greeted with a hello. You're taking that much to literally. Now sir , do you have any business to transact. Jerry as they come into the apt. Jerry, Susan says I can't be an usher at he wedding.

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Now I'm gonna be stuck at the singles table with all the losers. Weddings are a great place to meet chicks. I have to be unfettered. Do you see what this is turning in to? Do I need this. I have to get out of this thing. All right, All right. Lets get down here. You really want to get out of this thing? Because most women when they're asked to sign a pre-nup are so offended they back out of the marriage.

Hey I've been going over the list. What about The Drake?

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Got to invite The Drake. You don't have any money. I make more money than you do. Cheesy scenes of Jerry and Jeannie enjoying each other in the park , at the grocery store, comparing. Interrupted by Kramer as he slams into Jerry's locked door. Everything you think she thinks. No I can't take it. Jerry at the pier watching lovers and families considering his future and we get another look. I was in here the other day and I went up to that teller and he didn't say hello.

Jim , a man here says came in the other day , you didn't say hello? You know what , let me bring some other people in on this Barbara ,Jane , Mike Can I see you please. Well , we've discussed this, here's the feeling. You got a greeting starts with an H how's twenty bucks sound.

Scene cuts to the Improv as Jerry walks into the club and sees Jeannie sitting at a table. Susan licks her last envelope and collapses. George is walking down a street looking depressed.

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I would like to propose a toast September 21st, first day of Autumn. George returns home only to find Scene then cuts to Monks with Jerry and Jeannie arriving.

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So what's the deal with brunch , I mean that if it's a combination of breakfast and lunch. Look I'm sorry about before I mean I'm sure I'll learn to like her, Jerry. All of a sudden it hit me, I realized what the problem is; I can't be with someone like me.. If anything I need to get the exact opposite of me All right I'll call Elaine , we'll meet you down there. We found traces of a certain toxic adhesive commonly found in very low priced envelopes.

We were expecting about two hundred people Thank you , thank you. Toxic glue from the wedding. I got the funeral tomorrow but huh.. Episodes Overview Scripts Contact. Click Here to join our new Seinfeld's fans community!

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The Invitations Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? Transcribed by Mohamel, Feb. Larry David directed by: I think that if the wedding invitations were left up to the men, we'd just drive around sticking flyers in windshields Not even typed up either, just Magic Marker, Zerox, you know What's needed is a divorce announcement; Mr and Mrs Fred Johnson are requesting the honour of your presence at the "returning" of their daughter back to Mr,and Mrs Fred Johnson. Susan and George walk into the store and go up the sales clerk. May I help you? Yes, we'd like some wedding invitations.

When 's the wedding? Well, we have quite a few to pick from turns around and picks up a huge binder They're arranged in order of price , the most expensive are in the front. George takes the binder and feigns browsing and flips right to the last page. What about this one.

George that's so ugly we don't want that. Why don't they make'em anymore?

So we pick up some Elmers Susan: You see what I do for you. No It's Lily Susan: I think I know my own name. It's coming Jerry, it's coming. Look at me I can't do this, I can't do this manic Help me Jerry , help me. I tried to psyche myself up a million times I cannot go through that.

All right take it easy, just take it easy.

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