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You're naturally feeling pretty excited to take things to the next level, and the two of you are talking about how it will go down. So far, so good! However, that's when things take an unexpected turn. She pauses, and then brings up an unusual complicating detail: No, not just with you: Yup — she's a virgin. How do you proceed? What are the rules here? How do you make her feel as comfortable as possible, and make sure her first experience goes well? Read on for the top eight things to consider before sleeping with a virgin:.

The idea of "virginity" is treated in a variety of different ways in society and through the mainstream media, from an embarrassment to be gotten rid of at all costs to the ultimate state of purity and innocence.

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In general, these contrasting conceptions of virginity divide down gender lines: Assuming that the virgin you're thinking of sleeping with is female, it's worth considering the whole host of societal pressure she is likely facing about the concept of her virginity, and what losing it means. It's also worth factoring in the idea that it's the ultimate goal for men to "take" a woman's virginity. It's a pretty creepy way of looking at things, and it would be a good idea for you to reassure her that that's not your mindset.

People have varying degrees of sentimentality about losing their virginity.

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For some people — as mentioned above, usually males — virginity is something to be gotten rid of quickly and without too much fanfare. For others — usually females, but not always — virginity is a precious state to be lost only when you've found someone you truly love. For others still, it's not that big a deal either way: The key thing is for you to determine how your partner feels, and proceed accordingly from there.

If this is a massive, massive deal for her, you're going to need to talk about it in detail and spend some time laying the foundations for the event. If it's no big deal for her, you'll still need to be gentle and considerate, but there may be less emotional prep work involved. Tailor your approach to the attitude of your partner, but err on the side of treating it as a significant event for her. There are lots of reasons that women may end up being in their 20s or beyond and still in virginal states, but, in general, virginity does tend to correlate with younger age.

If you are contemplating sleeping with a virgin who is much younger than you in her teens, say, while you are well into your 20s or older , it's worth reconsidering the power dynamics at play in your situation. Sometimes young girls like the idea of sleeping with older men and may feel as if it makes them seem more mature and developed than their peers, but it's not unusual for them to regret having sex with older men later down the line. Basically, this one comes down to common decency and probably goes without saying for most AskMen readers: Don't be a creep and don't take advantage of someone who is much younger than you.

Make sure the power dynamics in your relationship are equal, and that everyone is fully happy to proceed. Are the two of you in a relationship, or is this a casual thing for you or her? Will your relationship continue after the two of you have sex, and in what capacity? Ask your partner what he or she expects in terms of physical contact regarding the relationship. Asexuality means your partner does not experience sexual attraction or desire. Unlike people who practice abstinence, asexuality is not a choice. It is part of someone's inherent identity and sexual orientation.

People who are asexual may experience feelings of attraction without feeling the need to act on those feelings. Many people who are asexual engage in romantic relationships as they have an emotional need for intimacy. However, an asexual person may not want sexual activity to be part of a romantic relationship. If your partner is asexual, he or she may have specific expectations regarding sex in your relationship.

Make sure you have a discussion about those expectations going into the relationship. Listen to your partner. When discussing sex, virginity, and relationship expectations, make sure to listen your partner. You want to make sure you understand what your partner needs and wants out of your relationship. Therefore, practice active listening when discussing expectations with your partner. Active listening is a manner of listening designed to promote mutual understanding.

Advice for Older Virgins

When listening actively, give your partner your full attention. Use non-verbal cues, like nodding on occasion, to show you are listening. Focus on what your partner is saying rather than formulating your next response in your mind. You want to make sure you are completely understanding of what is being said. If you misinterpreted something, your partner can help clarify for you.

Your partner may feel intimidated by your sexual history as things may feel unbalanced to him or her. Respect your partner's needs regarding privacy. Talking about sexual history can be complicated. While you may feel curious about certain aspects of your partner's past, he or she may not want to share everything with you.

Boundaries in a relationship are personal and subjective. Your partner may not want to answer certain questions regarding his or her virginity. Conversely, if you have a sexual history, your partner may be uncomfortable hearing about it. While communication is important, if your partner is not comfortable with certain topics, be respectful.

Do not push your partner to have a particular discussion prematurely. Allow the relationship to progress at a pace that's comfortable for both of you. Do not push your partner out of his or her comfort zone. If your partner is a virgin, physical intimacy may come slowly.

It's vital that you respect your partner's wants and needs. Even if you're eager to get physically intimate, make sure you do not push your partner to engage in any form of physical contact before he or she is ready. Always ask your partner if something is okay before engaging in a new form of physical intimacy.

Be respectful of the answer your partner gives. If the answer is no, stop. Be open about expectations regarding physical contact. It can be awkward to discuss physical contact and sexual needs. However, it's better to have a discussion early on rather than inadvertently doing or saying something that makes your partner uncomfortable. At the beginning of the relationship, take efforts to be upfront. Know when and if your partner would be open to having sex. Your partner may not feel ready for a physical relationship at this stage in his or her life. He or she may also want to wait until marriage to engage in sex.

If you're dating a virgin, sex may not be a part of your relationship in the immediate future. Understand this going into the relationship. Understand what kind of physical contact your partner would enjoy. People who abstain from sex may enjoy kissing, hand holding, cuddling, and other light forms of physical contact.

Your partner may also be open to more intimate forms of sex play, like mutual masturbation or oral sex. It can be awkward to pause in the moment to discuss boundaries. If there is a form of physical contact that is off the table, ask your partner to be upfront about this right away. Say something like, "I understand you're a virgin. I want to know where the line is. What forms of physical contact are you not okay with?

This may sound overly formal, but many people find lists helpful in terms of establishing healthy boundaries. You can find checklists online which detail a variety of sexual activity or sex play.

You and your partner can check off what on the list is okay. You can also simply ask your partner to make a list of what types of physical contact and activity he or she would be comfortable with and what types of activities are unacceptable. This can be an effective way to know concrete boundaries and avoid any confusion in terms of physical contact.

The Virgin’s Guide to Dating Women

If your partner is a virgin, he or she may need to ease into physical contact with you. Be willing to go at your partner's pace. Physical intimacy does not need to happen quickly for you to feel happy and fulfilled in a romantic relationship. If your partner is less sexually experienced than you, it might be better to let him or her decide when to move things forward physically. Communicate throughout the course of the relationship. When a relationship progresses, physical boundaries and expectations may change.

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