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Since the stepparent would have to divorce before remarrying, this law seems redundant. These marriages are prohibited under criminal incest statutes. Incest is a near-universal taboo. Marriage or sexual relations between two people who are closely related by blood is frowned upon in almost all cultures globally.

A moment of passion with my step-brother split our family for ever

An incestuous relationship between a parent and a child is perhaps the most abhorrent. Incestuous relationships between siblings, while illegal, may not raise many of the same objections. For example, in , a majority in the German Ethics Council voted that consensual sexual relations between adult siblings should no longer be a crime. In many, incest is a felony offense that could lead to 10 or more years in prison. However, in some states an incestuous relationship is not a crime in and of itself as long as the couple doesn't attempt to marry.

For example, in New Jersey only incestuous marriages are illegal, but incestuous relationships are not.

Most people provide practical, objective reasons for the prohibition against incest, such as the increased risk of birth defects among the children of parents closely related by blood. However, the real reason incest is rejected socially and culturally seems to be a moral issue, rather than a practical one. Indeed, the German Ethics Council noted that social taboos would remain even if the legal prohibition was removed. Laws that treat sexual or marital relationships between stepparents and stepchildren as illegal incest ignore the objective, health-related reasons to prohibit sexual relations between close relatives.

This is a relationship most people hold sacred. I was drinking with a few friends when my friend said he wanted to talk and we did little did I know it would be the most awkward conversation I had with a friend in forever told me he was starting to date his step sister a few months back and wanted advice if it was ok I ofcourse had no idea how to respond to this so what do you guys think is it ok to date your step sibling or is it morally wrong? And in many places, it's acceptable to date "diluted" blood second cousins, etc.

Its weird because they are legally related, but its not criminal or dangerous in the same way a blood relationship is.

Step sisters are fine, you're not faulty of your parents choices. I once tasted diarrhea so shit is fine. The only reason it's taboo to begin with is because of the odds that you'll create a damaged child. Assuming this is a serious post One father shared how this impacted his children. But romance doesn't stop there. A second reason for a sexually charged environment is what happens after the wedding.

The first year of marriage is frequently speckled with romantic gestures and snuggling on the couch before bedtime. All of which communicates the message that "sexuality is alive and well in this household. Our society is obsessed with sex. It pervades the movies, music, and conversation of the average adolescent. If parents begin early to discuss God's design for our bodies and sexuality, important conversations with confused adolescents will be easier. But whether easy or difficult, such conversations must take place.

These are just some of the dynamics that may contribute to romantic or sexual boundaries being crossed in a stepfamily. Set boundaries rules governing behavior that teach family members to honor one another.

Respecting privacy and valuing the specialness of each family member is an important message for everyone to learn. It may feel totally unnecessary, but consider having a dress code. Teenagers, in particular, can overlook how their dress invites others to see them in sexual ways, or consider them a symbol of sexuality.

Girls, for example, who sleep in their underwear and a long T-shirt may be comfortable walking around the house dressed for bed. Little do some girls realize how that arouses a natural curiosity within boys about their body shape. Boys can easily entertain thoughts that cross from non-sexual curiosities to sexual ones.

To counter this possibility, set a dress code and explain why it is necessary. Help your children work out a respectful system for shower schedules and sharing bathrooms. Children and teens that have known each other for years, but never have lived together full time, need clear rules of conduct.

If you perceive a child withdrawing or showing signs of stress, calmly approach the child to investigate the situation.

Error on the side of caution. Setting rules that honor sexuality and privacy is sure to create opportunities for adults to speak with children and teens about sexuality. Take advantage of such opportunities to teach God's purpose for sexuality and the protection his statues provide.

The message is this: Healthy sexuality between two married people helps build their relationship to each other and God. Sexuality outside God's boundaries erodes relationships and creates a sin barrier between God and us. Unfortunately some parents rely on scare tactics to encourage sexual purity before marriage. In an effort to keep their children from having sexual thoughts or urges, they scare them with the consequences of premarital sex. I believe we should be honest with children and teens about the potential emotional and physical consequences of premarital sex.

However, the scare method doesn't present sex as a gift from God to be honored.

What Do We Do Now? When Stepsiblings Have Sex

It turns it into a curse to be avoided. When children grow to be married adults, switching the messages in their brain to see sex as something to be embraced and pursued is often difficult. It is much better for parents to teach sex as a gift to be protected and honored. God's law that sex is kept until marriage is meant to protect us from harm and provide for our sexual pleasure in marriage. We can teach our children to protect one another's honor and their own so that the gift of sexuality can be enjoyed later in its proper marital context.

Forbidden Marriages

Having healthy and honest conversations about the sexual truths of life normalizes them for children. For example, explaining menstruation to a pre-adolescent girl or wet dreams to a boy before they occur prepares the child for the onset of such experiences.

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Preparing and normalizing such experiences is important because, in addition to teaching children proper hygiene, it gives the child a God-perspective on the event "You're becoming a woman! In the same way, acknowledging that sexual attractions between stepsiblings can occur normalizes them for the child. This is not to give permission to them, but to teach a proper perspective.

The alternative is to say nothing and leave the child to determine the meaning of such an attraction not a good idea , or to give negative messages that needlessly shame children "How could you think something like that about her? Instead, a parent might say something like this to his son: If that ever happens to you, it doesn't mean you are bad or a disappointment to God. There will be lots of times in life that you have sexual thoughts or feelings toward other people, but it would be inappropriate for you to act on them or keep thinking about the person in that way.

So if it happens, ask God to help you to stop thinking about your stepsibling in that way. And make sure you don't dishonor the other person by acting on the attraction or thoughts. If the thoughts keep happening and you get concerned about it, feel free to talk to me.

I won't be angry. We'll find a way to handle it. The last section dealt with prevention. What do you do if stepsiblings have already been romantically or sexually involved with one another? Here are some suggestions to consider. Each parent should take primary responsibility for their child.

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